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Are you a Not-For-Profit with an interest in learning about ways to build a sustainable organization?

This 5 module e-learning series is designed to give foundational information for not-for-profits, societies, social enterprises, charitable organizations & foundations to support sustainability and resiliency within your organization.

In Module 1, Board Governance, you will:

  • Gain clarity on the social economy and the impact of not-for-profit organizations on local economies
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of board members, including core fiduciary responsibilities
  • Understand appropriate conduct when conflicts arise
  • Differentiate between operational and governance decisions
  • Understand the importance of good financial management systems in the not-for-profit sector
  • Apply practices that build effective boards

In Module 2, Building Board Leadership, you will:

  • Prepare the board for strategic board recruitment
  • Understand how to effectively orient and onboard new board members
  • Recognize the importance of diversity in building an effective board
  • Ensure board succession planning becomes part of the culture

In Module 3, Strategic Planning, you will:

  • Define the role of the board in preparing for and developing a strategic plan
  • Evaluate the differences between a strategic plan and an operational plan
  • Outline different types of environmental scans and their role in effective preparation for strategic planning
  • Describe the five components of a strategic plan for your organization: vision, mission, success, strategic goals and values

In Module 4, Asset Based Operational Planning, you will:

  • Identify the building blocks of an abundant not-for-profit, and assess what you currently have in place
  • Identify the skills and expertise that will help your organization succeed, and create plans to proactively recruit top staff and volunteer talent
  • Understand the current limitations and opportunities in fund development and assess which fundraising approaches would work best for your organization
  • Learn the key steps in operational planning, using a template that can be applied in your organization

In Module 5, Project Proposals, Evaluation and Reporting, you will:

  • Understand the role of the board and staff members in developing and evaluating projects
  • Develop strategies for identifying funders whose interests align with the mission of your organization
  • Practice crafting a project plan, proposal, and budget
  • Understand the difference between program outputs, outcomes and impacts and how to evaluate each
  • Learn key elements of report writing