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About Edgewood Audio

Connor Prichard is the owner and operator of Edgewood Audio. Edgewood Audio is a Prince George-based recording studio in a professional commercial environment. It serves professional musicians with a sizeable, flexible and well-equipped recording studio and performance space. In addition to recording services, Edgewood Audio also offers quality audio and video documentation, rehearsal space rental, live studio performance options, and audio equipment sales and repairs. They have the largest dedicated live room in Prince George, offering flexible hours and competitive rates in a convenient location. Edgewood Audio’s vision is to build a strong reputation throughout all of BC and to be the best and busiest recording studio Prince George has ever seen.

About Connor

Connor Pritchard is a self-taught producer/engineer with over 5 years of experience in the recording industry. He has worked under highly regarded experts such as Chris “Hollywood” Holmes (Katy Perry, Korn, Hot Hot Heat, Faber Drive, Delhi 2 Dublin), Matthew Roach (Greenhouse Studios head engineer), Ron Sintich (Rocketfish Studios engineer), Frederick Picard (Rocketfish Studios engineer) and David Rubadeau (Sound Factory owner). Connor also plays and writes music and has been a founding member of several bands. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Connor worked as the Assistant Manager at the local music store, Sound Factory, and operated a home audio recording studio while honing in his audio engineering skills alongside respected mentors. After many years of hard work making records with bands like Horses And Bayonets, The Burden, Renegade and many more, he recognized that the availability of professional recording studio services in the Prince George area was greatly exceeded by the demand. He decided take the leap, quit his day job and turn his passion into a career. 


Planning for Success

Connor began working with Community Futures Fraser Fort George through the Youth Mean Business Program in January 2015. This provided him with personal business coaching and training assistance to help him in fine tuning a business plan. He completed his business plan in March 2015 and received a positive review from Youth Mean Business Review Committee. Now Connor is a proud supporter of Community Futures and its programs. “The Youth Mean Business program taught me how to make my business a success. I was making a series of poor decisions and not even recognizing it until I began working with Community Futures. I strongly believe that if I did not participate in this program, my business would have failed.” Upon successful completion of the program, Connor received a small seed grant to assist with renovations renovate to his studio location and equipment upgraded. “I recommend the Youth Mean Business program every chance I get. Now, when I walk into my studio, I am confident that it will be a success.”

Reflecting on the transition, Connor admits that, “the process can been pretty frightening at times. It’s a challenge, to say the least.” Despite the challenge, Connor is committed to pursuing his passion. “Running my own commercial recording studio has been a lifelong dream of mine and there’s nothing more that I want than to make a living from doing what I love.”

Edgewood Audio

#32 - 1839 1st Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 2Y8

Website: www.edgewoodaudio.ca/

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