We work with you to provide loans for your business.

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  • Do you have a business emergency?
  • Are you looking to grow your business?
  • Want to invest in new technology?
  • Thinking about selling your business?
  • Interested in purchasing or starting a business?
  • Are you a young entrepreneur?
  • Are you an entrepreneur with a disability?

During the past 34 years, we have authorized loans for over $30.6 million to over 773 businesses, creating or maintaining 3,412+ jobs.

Start Up or Purchase

Community Futures provides entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs with confidential business coaching and support on how to finance a startup or a purchase.  We have a variety of programs directly related to starting and purchasing a business. Our success speaks for itself!

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Growing your business often requires extra money to make it to the next level. Unlike most financial institutions, we are not a formula lender; instead, we assess every business venture based on its own merit. Community Futures has the ability to explore financing for businesses that are unable to secure funding under reasonable terms and conditions from traditional lenders. In some cases, we may be prepared to consider a position of higher risk than other lenders.

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New Technology

Let’s face it, business is changing and becoming more and more competitive! New technology, whether you build it yourself or purchase it, costs money... and we are here to help.



We have specific programs designed to help you with succession selling your business.

Our interest rates are calculated on the basis of the prevailing Bank of Canada prime rate, plus a variance depending upon the level of risk involved. Upon authorization, our loans are subject to administration fees to cover related costs, and applicants are responsible for any direct legal costs for loan security documentation.

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Our loans:

  • are up to $150,000 - may be higher under special circumstances
  • offer support for new or existing business
  • have competitive commercial interest rates
  • have flexible repayment schedules
  • include ongoing support and business counselling
  • are reviewed on individualized consideration

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