Regional Outreach Program

The team at Community Futures Fraser Fort George (CF FFG) continuously does outreach to the people, businesses and communities we serve; however, when funding is available, we are excited to ramp up our outreach services by retaining three Regional Business Liaisons to do enhance the number of connections and services provided.  We do this by hosting one part-time Reginal Business Liaison to do outreach in each of the Fraser Fort George areas: Mackenzie, Prince George and Robson Valley.

2020-2021 (extended to summer 2022):  Funding through Northern Development Initiative Trust and the receipt of Covid funding from PacifiCan enabled CF FFG to enhance our regional outreach to support the businesses and communities during the pandemic.  This was an 18-month program that provided an opportunity to provide relevant resources to the businesses and non-profits in the communities and to gather information on their needs (thus, identifying gaps in services being provided).  A robust report was generated along with a summary of this report, and community/area specific reports; all are available by request.

2023-24: Launching June 1, 2023, CF FFG is grateful to be the recipient of the 2023-24, Northern Development Initiative Trust Regional Business Liaison Grant as this will provide an opportunity to enhance our outreach across the region.  There will, once again be a part-time Regional Business Liaison placed in each of the areas (Mackenzie, Prince George and Robson Valley) and they will be tasked with providing up-to-date resources to the businesses and non-profits while engaging with these communities to understand what has changed since Covid and where there is a need to fill gaps in support and services. 

Want to connect to a Regional Business Liaison or receive the past reports?  Please send an emails request to:  [email protected]   be sure to include your name, outline your request and most importantly, how we can get in touch with you.