Agriculture in the Robson Valley

At Community Futures Fraser-Fort George we believe that dreams, passion and a willingness to take risks builds communities and businesses, now and into the future.

Community Futures Fraser Fort George is continuing the program to support Robson Valley food producers in expanding their current operations by accessing new regional markets within the province. The activities of this program connect to the renewed discussions regarding food security within the province, as well as build a more resilient and diversified economy within the Robson Valley, by linking producers to markets within, or just outside provincial borders.

Within this program we launched a Robson Valley (Albreda to Dome Creek) specific Regional Market Opportunity Analysis to:

  • Improve understanding of what markets need to be considered by the Robson Valley agriculture sector
  • Identify infrastructure challenges/gaps
  • Provide recommendations for overcoming challenges/gaps.

The Robson Valley Regional Market Opportunity Analysis report can be found in

RVMOA Summary or in RVMOA_Market Analysis and Opportunities Report and Implementation Plan.