Business Skills for Agricultural Expansion

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Module 1  – Opportunities for Growth

This module is the first of five designed to help you identify expanding agricultural markets, and to provide tools on how to access those markets. At the end of this series, you will be well equipped to navigate the complexities of market research, have the ability to identify local and national trends and opportunities, as well as have the key abilities necessary to research local and national markets to best facilitate the sale and distribution of your product

Module 2 –  Seize the Opportunity

This module is designed to identify expanding markets across the province of British Columbia and beyond, and provides tools on how to access the markets. Topics will include Business Opportunity Mapping, Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Activities, Platform/Network, Key Partnerships and Cost Structure.  Diversification, Innovation and Intensification, Partners, Co-ops and Clusters.

Module 3 – Get the Word Out to your Market

This module is aimed at helping you identify burgeoning markets and to provide tools on how to access those markets. At the end of this module you will be well equipped to understand what is needed to market your products and services, how to complete a robust marketing plan, and the best ways to engage at a conference or convention.  Topics include brand, vision statement, identifying your values, brand positioning, mapping the customer journey.

Module 4 – Online Marketing and E-Commerce

This module will bridge the gap between technology and relationships. Technology can sometimes be daunting; however, the reality is that, in today’s world, it’s important to be active online. So, we will identify and simplify technological tools that are useful to help propel your business into the digital space, like popular social media outlets such as Facebook. Though you may use or have heard of those and other services, you might not know exactly how they fit into the big picture of online marketing and selling. We will break these services down, talk about each piece of online marketing and provide you with some key hands-on exercises to get you set up for your online marketing campaign.

Module 5  – Introduction to Value Chain

This module will provide you with a process to develop your own value chain.  To do this, we’ll systematically go through the process of creating a value chain. Define a Value Chain, Identify the Opportunity for a Value Chain, Develop a Value Chain Plan, and  Monitor and Evaluate your Value Chain.