PG Financial Fitness Mentoring Group

May 1, 2017 Return

Gain stronger financial understanding to grow your business.

Do you understand your financial statements and review them on a regular basis? Or do you avoid them altogether? Many entrepreneurs take a “head in the sand” approach to the financial side of their business and end up down a path they never expected. If you don’t have regular check-ups, how will you know if you are financially fit?

We are now accepting applications for our Financial Fitness Peer Mentoring Group in Prince George, where up to 8 small business owners are mentored by a Chartered Professional Accountant in a confidential environment. This group will help you demystify financial statements and give you the confidence to ask your bookkeeper or accountant the right questions to make sound business decisions.

To learn more, please visit: http://womensenterprise.ca/content/join-peer-mentoring-group-your-area

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